Michael L. Pinkerton
Attorney at Law

"Our mission is to help you successfully navigate your way through the often treacherous waters of the government. Our approach focuses on high technology solutions and the New Economy."

You will see as you explore the web site that igapp.com has been created to make sound decisions about government and the policy issues facing business and individuals on a daily basis so that people can become more informed and effective citizens. You are then in a better position to protect and promote your interests.

What can igapp.com do for your enterprise?

Protect and promote your business interests through our highly successful government advocacy program.


Meet your educational needs through our Institute with its seminars and public presentations.


Consult with your business and help you define and accomplish your objectives.

igapp.com is non-partisan, working with all political parties and appropriate groups to develop and implement sound policy.

Should legal or other assistance be appropriate, igapp.com maintains strategic alliances with lobbying, law firms and other businesses in order to further our clients’ objectives.

Please feel free to contact me about how igapp.com can help you continue to grow your business.


Michael L. Pinkerton
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