Director Michael L. Pinkerton

Mike Pinkerton is an attorney and Director of the Institute for Government Affairs & Public Policy, LLC ( focuses on governmental advocacy, research and education to help the private sector make progressive public policy decisions in a rapidly changing business and legal environment. Pinkerton concentrates on e-commerce, privacy and financial services. 

He is a frequent speaker to professional groups, and has been published in various journals, magazines and on the Internet.  destinationCRM, a highly respected on-line newsletter, recognized Pinkerton as an authority on the government's role in the New Economy. He is frequently featured in their "Experts on Call" column. 

Pinkerton has over 20 years of legislative-related experience. He has served as chief counsel in the California Legislature, was a deputy state attorney general and has held several academic positions.

He is a member of the Knowledge and Innovation Management Professional Society and the Privacy Workgroup of the of the National Electronic Coordinating Council.

Associate Director Steven J. Lindsay, MA

Steven J. Lindsay, MA is the Associate Director of Steven specializes in advocacy and education in insurance, financial services, business and e-commerce.

He has over 9 years experience in advocacy experience.  His background in understanding human behavior, business and sales provide a foundation especially well suited to advocacy in the Capitol. He teaches and presents regularly to professional trade groups on governmental affairs and the mysteries of “politics”. 

Lindsay frequently participates in specialized workgroups on health care and health insurance for the prestigious Kaiser Permanente Institute for Health Policy and the California Foundation for Health Care.