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The Innovative GEOINT Application Provider Program (IGAPP) is a revolutionary contract vehicle that enables commercial vendors to bypass lengthy procurement processes in order to deliver cutting-edge solutions to US government users. Participation is FREE and app/data providers retain 100% of their sales!

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We Have Government Customers
Thousands of US Government users visit the GEOINT App Store to access solutions that are delivered by IGAPP.
We Bridge the Gap
IGAPP markets to, communicates with, and performs outreach to government end-users on your behalf.
Quality Assurance On Us
Each submission is thoroughly tested for functionality, quality, and security by IGAPP at no cost to you.
Your Sale, Your Money
Unlike commercial stores, IGAPP has no revenue sharing model. Every dollar your product makes belongs to you


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We joined IGAPP to create an easier path to access and discover our tools across the community, making them available on all three networks.

User Spotlight

Major Street

Major Austin Street (USAF) provides insight on how IGAPP has helped provide his unity with mission-critical applications.
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