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Supported Platforms

User Spotlight: Major Street

Major Austin Street (USAF) provides insight on how IGAPP has helped provide his unit with mission critical applications.

Vendor Spotlight: Esri

About Us

      As the market leader in geospatial technology, Esri technology is used by more than 350,000 organizations worldwide. Esri’s Geospatial Cloud helps intelligence organizations close the gap between decisions and data.

Why Did We Join IGAPP?

      We joined IGAPP to create an easier path to access and discover our tools across the community, making them available on all three networks. Analysts can then focus on using the tools instead of worrying about how to get them from a public website into their cleared workspace.

About Our Apps

      The applications we have in the GEOINT App store currently are Military Tools for ArcGIS and the R-ArcGIS Bridge Tools. Military Tools for ArcGIS is a collection of new, mission-focused enhancements to simplify defense and intelligence workflows in ArcGIS. These workflows include interactive linear and radial line-of-sight analysis, inputting coordinates and quickly converting them between several standard formats, and handling military standard symbols in ArcGIS Pro. These tools would be useful to both analysts and staff officers working to support operations.R-ArcGIS Bridge tools enable analysts to expand ArcGIS workflows into R workspaces to take advantage of the wealth of statistical packages and functions that they might need to further their analysis. It also allows the results of R workspace analysis to be brought back into ArcGIS to take advantage of the mapping, publishing, and sharing aspects of ArcGIS.