The NGA Solution
The Innovative GEOINT Application Provider Program (IGAPP), conceptualized and provisioned by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), is a revolutionary contract vehicle that enables commercial vendors to deliver mission relevant mobile applications to US government personnel.
A Revolutionary Contract Vehicle
Managed by SAIC, IGAPP simplifies the federal government acquisition process and removes the barriers that have historically stymied private sector firms and small businesses when working with government. IGAPP works hand in hand with commercial vendors to seamlessly deliver vendor solutions to government users via the NGA’s GEOINT App Store. The IGAPP team provides several valuable services along the way to help ensure vendor success and safe provision of solutions.
The IGAPP team provides several valuable services to help ensure vendor success and safe provision of solutions.
Program Overviews & Guidance
Vendor Opportunity Packages (VOPs)
App Offerings
Pricing Guidance
Security Scanning & Testing
Functionality Testing & Quality Control
Seamless Integration of Solutions & Delivery to Government Users
NGA’s Secure Supply Chain for Commercial Sector Solutions
IGAPP provides a way for NGA to incorporate new technologies and engage with innovative commercial sector companies that are new to the federal government space. This includes individuals, startups, small businesses, and academia (collectively referred to as vendors).
Understand mission needs without the guesswork
IGAPP’s Vendor Opportunity Packages (VOPs) removes the guesswork and identifies what kind of applications government users are looking for, ensuring end-products meet the customer's needs.
Develop apps effectively and quickly
IGAPP assists developers with the expertise to build reliable, secure, and cost-effective apps at a fast pace, all through a single contract. While the primary focus is ensuring "first-time right, every time", the IGAPP process is designed to move apps through testing and validation quickly and securely into the hands of federal users.
Submit app offerings easily and seamlessly
IGAPP allows commercial app Vendors to easily submit an offering via the website that outlines features, functionalities, and capabilities. Apps are additionally put onto the NGA's GEOINT App Store, an online platform that provides mission relevant applications and other services for consumers of GEOINT.
The IGAPP Team
John Holcomb
Program Manager
As IGAPP Program Manager, John is responsible for management of the overall IGAPP program with NGA. John ensures NGA’s objectives are met and works with Vendors to resolve unique issues or concerns.
Bill Funke
Test Lead & Deputy Program Manager
As the IGAPP Test Manager, Bill is responsible for passing apps through the test suite and ensuring DoD customers that apps are clean of malicious code, are stable, and work well on the target device(s). The test team’s motto is “First time right, every time” and refers to the standard we hold ourselves to in providing safe and functionality sound apps to the GEOINT App Store. The test team will help you identify issues and resolve them during the test phase.
Susan Hartsock
Contracts Manager
As the IGAPP Contracts Manager, Susan is responsible for managing the business relationships between the IGAPP prime contractor, subcontractors, and app developers. Susan oversees the vendor approval process and assists Vendors with completing license agreements once the apps are ready to be placed in NGA’s GEOINT App Store. Susan also facilitates the payment process.
Rick Foelsch
Test & Evaluation Lead
As Test and Evaluation Lead, Rick guides Vendors through the IGAPP process to deliver their app to IGAPP. Rick and his team will walk Vendors through the app deliver process, providing directions and best practices for app delivery along the way. The team will perform functionality and security testing on apps and work hand in hand with the Vendors to achieve successful code submission and delivery of the app into NGA’s GEOINT App Store.
Michael Aper
Customer Relationship Manager
As the Customer Relationship Manager, Michael establishes and maintains relationships with NGA customers (DoD, IC, Military, etc.) to capture user needs and communicate them to IGAPP Vendors through Vendor Opportunity Packages (VOPs). Michael also leads efforts to perform outreach and marketing of vendor applications to the DoD user base.
Todd Belinky
Security Lead
As the Security Lead, Todd is responsible for ensuring IGAPP-approved applications are thoroughly vetted through a proprietary, multi-dimensional security analysis process. Additionally, Todd leads the effort to continuously improve IGAPP’s cloud security posture and advance the team’s cybersecurity awareness and expertise.
Robert Koprowski
Systems Administrator
As the IGAPP Systems Administrator, Robert is responsible for deployment, maintenance, and management for the IGAPP program’s hybrid-cloud infrastructure. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies to maximize delivered value for multiple program vehicles supporting the IGAPP DevSecOps services. Robert also provides architectural support for the integration of unique vendor-based backend services essential to the IGAPP mission.
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