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Compliance Consulting

Gone are the days when professionals could obtain a licensee and simply prac-tice their vocation. In today's complex ever-changing legal and regulatory envi-ronment the practitioner must not only know what regulators expect of them, but be able to demonstrate to officials that they are conforming their practices to high standards. They must be able to practice their discipline well and be prepared to show regulators that they have taken the steps necessary to com-ply with specific legal mandates. igapp helps its clients meet this formidable challenge through its highly focused compliance consulting services. Through our intimate knowledge of the law's requirements as well as the regulators' views on how the law applies in the field, we are able to provide a practical perspective on how our clients should implement the law. Further, igapp shows clients how to document compliance in the event that regulators later review their actions.

The Result

igapp's full range of compliance services give our clients the confidence that their practices are in compliance with areas of the law that regulators are monitoring. This allows them to turn their full attention to developing their practices to their fullest potential rather than needlessly worrying about legal issues that can be economically dealt with igapp's help through its compliance programs.

Compliance Programs

The Institute for Government Affairs & Public Policy, LLC (igapp) offers compliance assistance to businesses or practices on the most timely and important legal areas. From matters as minimal as determining the proper forms and notifications, to use in transactions, to a more comprehensive on-site compliance audit, are an example of igapp's many services. Whether your needs are the bare minimum or extensive, igapp will ensure that your practice would pass a rigorous regulator's review. If the situation warrants , igapp will work with your legal counsel on compliance or refer you to knowledgeable attorneys to assist in the process. Currently igapp is offering compliance assistance in the following areas:
Living Trust Mills
Insurance Product Sales to Seniors