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"Constructive Engagement" and "Smart Focus"--The Keys to Success

Utilizing "Constructive Engagement", whenever possible, crucial issues are defined and solutions proposed before other interest groups are able to define the political landscape.  Unlike many traditional lobbying firms, igapp.com proactively sets the agenda, setting it apart from the pack.  Combining this policy approach with "Smart Focus" in the contribution of political action funds results in a synergism that makes for a highly successful government relations program.

Any group's political action funds are limited and must be used so that maximum benefits will be obtained. "Smart Focus"  is a principle that cuts through the confusing barrage of requests for monetary contributions that any political entity receives.  Simply put, scarce political action funds are donated only to those who are generally friendly to the client's political agenda, and are in a position to advance or retard that agenda. 

Combining "Constructive Engagement" with "Smart Focus" results in a synergism that makes for a highly successful government relations program.  This has enabled our principals to consistently accomplish winning results for our clients.


What  value can igapp.com add to your enterprise?

The key is "value added".  igapp.com's programs have been carefully designed to add value to your organization no matter what stage of development it is in, from the newly formed to the highly developed.  

In general, igapp.com will add value to your organization by assisting you in making sound decisions about government affairs. In turn, you can become a more informed and effective political force to protect and promote your interests. 

igapp.com can:

  • Design and implement a government affairs program that meets your organization's needs.

  • Protect and promote your business interests through our highly successful government advocacy program.

  • Meet your educational needs through our Institute with our seminars and public presentations.

  • Consult with you and help you define and accomplish your organization's goals.

igapp.com is non-partisan, working with all political parties and appropriate groups to develop and implement sound policy to meet our clients' short term needs and their long term goals.