Michael L. Pinkerton, JD


Mike Pinkerton is an attorney and has over 20 years of legislative experience.  Pinkerton enjoys a highly successful record lobbying on behalf of a diverse group of clients.  He sits on the California Dental Board where he is Vice President.  Mike focuses on privacy, financial services, elder care, multi-disciplinary practices and dental disciplines.  He is a frequent speaker to professional groups and has an array of publications in journals, trade magazines and the Internet.



Steven J. Lindsay, MA


Steven Lindsay specializes in medical and financial privacy issues, financial services, employee benefits and business.  Lindsay has over 11 years experience in legislative advocacy.  He teaches and presents to professional trade groups regularly.  He is a certified continuing education instructor by both the California Department of Insurance and California Dental Board.  Stevenís academic training and legislative experience have made him one of Californiaís recognized experts in the politics of health care.