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The Institute for Government Affairs & Public Policy, LLC (igapp.com) is a pro-business government relations firm that focuses on direct governmental advocacy (lobbying), research, consulting and education to help the private and public sectors make progressive and profitable public policy decisions.

igapp.com has evolved the government relations practice  from being reactive to proactive.  We have done this,  in part, by developing and using two approaches to government affairs that set us apart from other firms. The Institute practices "Constructive Engagement" when dealing with substantive policy issues.  At the same time, clients are strongly advised to make decisions relating to Political Action Committee funds using the technique of "Smart Focus".  These terms are explained in more detail later in this site. 

Our government relations offices in Sacramento, California are strategically aligned with the law and lobbying firm of Capitol Counsel in Washington, D.C. and the California Bay Area law firm of Pohls & Humbert.